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My Honeymoon
08-07-2014, 02:50 AM
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My Honeymoon
This is Seema from Bangalore. I am 26 years old young lady with sexy
looks and voluptuous body, 36-29-37. I am 5'6" in height and my
weight is proportionate to my height and distributed well at the
right places. I am fair in color and have silky black shoulder length
hairs. My boobs are round and tight and stands out on their own, even
without my bra. I love the way they fill my blouse and my t-shirts. I
have got fleshy full ass and smooth round buttocks. I am aware that I
get lots of stare at my ass and boobs. Internally I enjoy those
stares from the guys.

This story is about my honeymoon around 4 years ago. I just got
married with Sanjay. He had planned for honeymoon in Kathmandu. He didn't ask me about my choice, but I was glad to know that we are
going to Kathmandu. It's a romantic place and perfect for hot
honeymoon. We took the Kathmandu flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu. It was a short flight around 2 and half-hours. We reached Kathmandu airport around 05:00 in the evening and hotel can picked us up. We were in our room by 06:00 p.m. We had been travelling almost the whole day, so a little bit tired. We called room service and ordered a bottle of Champagne, as Sanjay wanted to celebrate our honeymoon in style.

I wanted to change my dress so I went near my bag, bent down a little bit and tried to open the bag. In the mean time Sanjay just followed me and stood just behind me. His groin was touching my bent ass now.
I felt him and suddenly stood straight. He hugged me from behind and told me that there is no need to change. He said he likes me in the dress I am wearing and that I am looking beautiful and smelling
great. I was wearing a baby blue color silk Punjabi dress. It was a
loose salwar and tight fit kurta. It was hugging my body and my ass
was filling the dress fully. He wrapped his hands around me from
behind and hugged me tightly. His groin was rubbing my ass cheeks and his hands were caressing my silky belly. He removed my hairs on my right side and kissed on my neck and shoulder. I shivered little bit
form excitement. He kissed and licked my ear and his hands started
moving upwards and caressing my boobs from over my dress. He removed from dupatta and he was looking at my cleavage from over my shoulder while kissing my neck and caressing my tits. And in the next moment, doorbell rang and boy was there with champagne. Sanjay left me and went to open the door while I went and settled on the sofa. They guy came in and placed champagne over the coffee table. He took time to open the bottle and when I looked towards him, I noticed he was enjoying view of my cleavage. I was hot and didn't mind too much. Let him enjoy the view a little bit. In next moment he opened the bottle and poured it in two glasses, thanked us and left the room. He didn't even wait for the tip. I guess he got his tip in form of my cleavage show.

After closing the door, Sanjay walked over to me and sat next to me
in the sofa. I told him that I had never had alcohol in my life. He
brainwashed me and asked me to have some to celebrate this wonderful beginning of our life. I agreed and picked my glass on his
insistence. We said cheers and drank it. I tasted it for the first
time. It was sweet, sour and bitter at the same time. I was mentally
prepared for worse taste, but this was okay. I had few more sips and
kind of liked it. Within no time Sanjay had finished his glass while
I was half done. I kept my glass on the table. Sanjay wrapped his
hand around me and pulled me towards him and kissed me on my lips. He tasted of champagne. I turned myself towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He was licking my lips and kissing them hard. I responded and kissed him hard. He liked it and his hands moved towards my boobs and started caressing them. I took out my tongue and rolled it against his lips and instantly he opened his mouth to welcome my tongue. I entered his mouth and circled it in his mouth. Soon we were playing with each other's tongue, licking and sucking each other. He licked my tongue really hard and whispered that I taste sweeter and tastier than champagne. We were kissing and sucking each other's tongue for long time. He moved his hands towards my ass. Then he lifted my right thigh and pulled it around his legs. I got his move came closer and moved my ass into his lap now. Now I was sitting in his lap like a little baby, with my legs on both side and my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly, crushing my boobs against his chest. Since my shirt was tight, I had to lift it upwards above my waist to spread my legs around him properly.

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08-07-2014, 02:51 AM
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We kept on kissing and caressing each other in this position. My
hands were now caressing his hairs and his hands were busy in
caressing my back and my buttocks. All this kissing and caressing had
made him hard and I can feel his hardness against my cunt and thighs now from inside his pants. I could feel his warmth under my salwar. I adjusted my self a little bit, moved myself closer to him so that my cunt was not rubbing against his hardness. While I got up a little bit to move forward, Sanjay moved his hands under my ass and was now squeezing my buttocks and caressing them. I loved his hands over my ass and I was started getting wet in my cunt. He then moved his one hand to my boobs and started squeezing them. I started opening up his shirt and opened all his buttons. I caressed his chest and played around with his small nipples and his chest hairs. I liked it and so does he. His penis was responding and conveying his feelings. Our mouths were sort of started getting fry because of so much of licking and kissing. Sanjay picked up my glass and had a sip himself and offered one to me. I took a big gulp and thought of drinking it slowly from my mouth. Then Sanjay kissed me again while I had some champagne in my mouth. Some of the drink went into his mouth as well.
He drank it and liked it. And then he wanted to drink more this way
only. So I would take drink into my mouth and will transfer it to his
mouth while kissing him. It was erotic way of drinking champagne and we both were enjoying it. We didn't realize when we finished 2 more glasses of it.

While drinking it from my mouth, some of drink oozed out from the
side and moved down on my neck and till my chest. Sanjay noticed that and licked it clean. He licked at my neck and moved downwards towards my chest. Now it was a different taste, champagne mixed with my body taste. Surely Sanjay was enjoying it because he kept licking me even after drink was clean. Some of the drink had also fallen on his cheek, neck and chest. It had followed to his stomach also. And I took the liberty to clean him with my tongue. I played longer around his chest and his stomach. He was feeling ticklish and aroused at the same time. I could see tent in his trouser getting bigger. I was teasing him more and didn't touch his penis for long time. Soon, we both were aroused. His hands found the zipper of my shirt and my hands found his pant's zip. In the next moment he pulled my shirt above my head and opened his zipper moved my hand inside his pants and caressed his penis over his frenchie. He sighed and pushed upwards to touch my hands. He liked my lacy light blue bra and my tight boobs that were oozing out of it. He kissed my tits over my bra, while his hands found my salwar's string and opened it. I lifted my ass a little bit and he pulled it down and away from my legs one by one. He started caressing my pussy from over my panty and I opened his pants and pulled it downwards and out from his legs. Within no time, I pulled his underwear down. He lifted his ass to help me remove it. I took his penis in my hand and caressed and squeezed it a little. I played with it for some time and he was becoming harder and harder. And as if it was too much of teasing for him, he put his
fingers around the elastic band of my panty and started pulling down
urgently. I moved my ass a little and let the panty come out of my

Then next moment, Sanjay lifted my ass and tried to place it over
him. I held his penis with one hand and spread myself with the other
and lowered myself slowly over him. I was still very tight and it
pained a little bit while I sat over him. I stopped for some time,
till my cunt get used to his huge monster. Soon my pain vanished and
I moved little bit more and sat completely over him. I couldn't
believe his whole shaft entered into me and filled me completely. I
was feeling very full and tight from inside. Sanjay kissed me on my
lips and his hands were under my ass. Then he held me from my waist and started moving me up and down on his shaft. I also got the rhythm and like a good learner, followed his movements and soon I started moving myself up and down over his penis without his help also. I was riding him like a horse, moving in up and down motion. My juices started flowing and were flowing over his penis now. It became
slippery and it was much easier now with less friction. I was holding
him from his shoulder, kissing him.

His hands now got busy with caressing my ass, back and now to my
boobs. He was squeezing my boobs over my bra and caressing them with his hands and his tongue. He was in no mood to remove my bra. I am sure he was enjoying the view of my boobs bouncing up and down, oozing to be out from lacy bra. My bra was just enough to hold half of my boobs. And soon, while still kissing my tits, his hands moved towards my back and like expert hands, opened my bra quickly. Then he made me slid my bra out of my hands. Now his mouth watered more looking at my raw boobs in front of his eyes. My tits were erect fully due to so much or caressing and licking from Sanjay. He caressed my tits between his thumbs and fingers and squeezed them and played with them. He took out his tongue and licked and kissed my starting sucking like a baby. My cunt responded immediately. I was riding him faster now and he also started pushing it from the bottom.
It was rock and roll motion. He started pushing me harder from bottom as if he was getting more aroused by licking my tits. He is a good hunk and will not give up so early. I had already come two times, while he was still waiting for his first release. After some more of rigorous fucking and sucking, his movements became faster and harder and he started squeezing my boobs harder. I could feel him getting tighter inside me. Getting the clue, I quickly got off me. He gave me a surprised look, but was glad to see me sitting down on carpet between his legs. Without wasting no time, I took his penis in my hand and gave it quick up and down jerks and put the tip of this
penis in my mouth. He really liked it and within no time, he came in
my mouth. He filled my mouth with his jism and unloaded his gun
inside my mouth. I swallowed his cum and milked him dry and clean
with my tongue. I looked up at him and he had a satisfactory smile on
his face. He pulled me again in his lap and hugged me and kissed me
sweetly on my lips. We finished our remaining glass of champagne
sitting in his lap and kissing each other all the time.

After a long fucking session, we started feeling hungry as well. We
decided going down to hotel's restaurant for a quick dinner instead
of going out. So we I quickly wore my salwar and shirt without
wearing my bra or my panty underneath. Smooth silk felt great against my soft skin. Sanjay also quickly wore his pants and his shirt and or course no under wear. We came out of our room and Sanjay was kind of walking a little behind me. I guess he was watching my swaying buttocks and enjoying it. I didn't mind and walked more
provocatively. Inside the elevator, he kissed hugged me, squeezed my
ass and whispered in my ears, "You have got sexy ass and I love to
watch it sway". Teasingly I told him, "Its all yours honey". And his
kissed me again. We went to dining room, ordered Chinese food and
quickly had our dinner. We ate it so quickly as if we were in hurry
to return to our cozy room. There were not many people in the
restaurant at this point in time and all waiters were more than eager
to hang around us and find an excuse to come to our table for one
reason or another. I knew why. They surely were getting a glimpse of
my loose boobs without bra and forming a deep cleavage in my silk
dress. I didn't mind it. In fact I was feeling horny for Sanjay and
looking forward for a good fuck after dinner. Soon we finished
dinner, settled the bill and headed straight for our room.

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08-07-2014, 02:52 AM
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We entered the room and settled in a little bit. And then Sanjay said
he wanted to go and have a quick warm shower to feel fresh. He headed straight for the bathroom, while I got up, opened our suitcase, took out a dress to change for Sanjay and myself. I took out a T-shirt and shorts for Sanjay while a nightgown for myself. Within no time,
Sanjay came out in a towel. I handed him his dress, picked mine and
headed for a shower for myself too. I removed my silky suit, and
watched myself in the big mirror. There were so many love marks on my boobs and my chest and my shoulder. I liked them at the thought that he really likes my body and me. I put on a shower cap and entered under the shower and put it on. Warm water was running all over my body and all my daylong journey tiredness was gone in seconds. I washed myself, cleaned my pussy, my ass and all my body. I turned off the shower, dried myself with thick white towel and came out of shower. I wore my sexiest of night dress that Sanjay's sister has presented to me. It was a red color satin dress hanging over my shoulders with two thin straps. It came till my thighs and fitted so well with my body. It appeared that it was made just keeping my body in mind. It was a very sexy dress and perfect for honeymoon. It had a square deep cut in front and showed half of my globes. I looked and admired myself in the mirror. My butts were showing up round and full in this satin dress. I just felt my buttocks with my hand and thought to myself that Sanjay will love their feel.

Next moment I came out of bathroom. Sanjay was sitting in the bed
with only his shorts on, showing his strong chest. After looking
towards me, his mouth was wide open in astonishment and excitement. He said, "O God you look hot, gorgeous. I want to eat you right now". I smiled naughtily replying, "Who is stopping you honey?" He immediately jumped out of bed, came towards me and hugged me hard. He started kissing me hard. He was already hard in his shorts. He caressed my back and soon his hands were doing the best thing that his hands are fond of. His hands were caressing and squeezing my ass. On realizing that I was not wearing a panty underneath, he whispered in my ear, "So you are my bitch for the night all set for rock and roll". I didn't say anything and he kissed me hard. His chest was crushing my boobs. He brought one of his hands in between and
squeezed my tits while his other hand was busy caressing my ass
crack. He pulled me closer to him and his dick was making a tent in
his shorts and was rubbing against my thighs. I was standing on my
toes to come to his level to French kiss him.

Then he brought both of his hands under my butts and lifted my up in
his arms. I jumped and came in his arms and wrapped my legs around him like a slut in heat. My cunt was just next to his groin and he was pushing against me in order to run his penis against my cunt. He kept licking and kissing me like a candy and brought me around the bed and sort of threw me to the corner of bed. Me gown moved upwards and just exposed my cunt to him. I instantly moved it down on my thighs as if I was shying from him. He said, "Come on baby don't cover it, its all mine. I want to eat you up till the last drop.".
Saying this he caught my feet and pulled me closer to him. He was
still standing near the bed and I was lying in the middle of bed. He
pulled me closer to him till my legs were hanging down the side of
bed and my body was lying on the bed. He sat down on the carpet on
his knees. He brought his face closer to my thighs and licked them. I
felt shivers in my whole body. He lifted front of my nightgown over
my thighs and inserted his face inside it. I could feel his breath
over my cunt. And in no time he attacked my cunt lips with his lips
and tongue. My fresh clean cunt started becoming wet. He liked my
cunt's aroma because he was licking it more vigorously now. His hands picked the hem of my gown and pulled them above my waist. I raised my butt a little bit to help him raise it. He pulled my legs and kept them over his shoulders and his tongue was busy in fucking my cunt. I was now moaning and saying, "Oh Sanjay your tongue feels great. Fuck me more.". Sanjay like me in talking to him explicitly and he asked me to talk more. I was moaning loudly now and it took no time and I came really hard. He kissed and licked me. He said I taste really sweet and sour and he likes me. He lifted my butts with his hands and pulled me closer to his mouth. My ass was in the air a little bit and it was easy for his hands to massage my buttocks. He was making slurping sounds like a dog and I was moaning like a bitch in the heat. I was begging for more and more.

Next he stood up, held my hand and made me sit with my legs hanging down and bed and my ass just on the edge of the bed. His penis was making a huge bulge in his shorts. He asked me to pull down his short and like an obedient wife I put my fingers in elastic band and pulled them down. His boner came sprang open right next to my face. He pulled me head towards him and forced his penis into my mouth. I wanted to please him. I held his penis with my hand and caressed his balls with the other. I wrapped my lips around his penis and moved my mouth over him. By his moans I could make out that he liked the pressure of my lips around his shaft. I now started moving my head back and forth. His penis became harder and harder in my mouth and filled my mouth really tight. It was difficult to breathe, but like a bitch I was managing it. I wrapped my hands around his waist. He asked me to caress his buttocks and play with his ass. I caressed his ass for a while and then allowed my fingers to caress his hole. He liked it and he was pushing harder into my mouth. My one hand was caressing his balls and other hand was playing with his ass. His hands were pulling my head towards him. And then he started moaning loudly and jerked hard into my mouth. He shot his loads into my mouth and I could hardly manage to gulp his load. He came too much. I guess he enjoyed his ass being caressed by my fingers. I milked him till the last drop and licked him clean till he was soft and satisfied.
The effect of Champagne and sec was evident in both of us, as there
are hunger and lust in his eyes. It looked like he still didn't have
enough to satisfy his lust.

He sat down on the bed next to me and kissed lovingly me on my
shoulder. Then he asked me get a glass of champagne. He said he was thirsty a little bit. I got up, shook my ass a little bit, so that my
nightgown will fall over my ass and my thighs. Then I walked towards
the table swaying my silky buttocks. I knew Sanjay was watching my
behind, so I was swaying them a little more and was taking all the
time to walk slowly up the table. I was teasing him while getting
drink for him. I bent down over the table to take the bottle. My back
was towards him and as I bent, I am sure, my short dress raised
higher from behind and gave him a glimpse of my cheeks. I took my
time to took bottle and pour it in the glass. I was still bending
against him. I kept the bottle back, turned around and notices
Sanjay's eyes were fixed at my thighs and my ass. And now he was
enjoying my frontal view. My boobs were standing up and poking
pressed tightly against the satin gown. My tits were poking out of
it. I walked towards him and he motioned me to sit in his lap. I
obeyed my husband and sat on his lap, with both my legs on one side.
I raised the glass and took his to his mouth. He took a big gulp,
rolled it inside his mouth and drank it. My left tit was rubbing
against his chest and it was becoming hard due to his chests rubbing.
I was caressing his head and hairs with my left hand while right hand
was offering his drink. This time he took mouthful of drink, drank
half of it and pulled my face closer and French kissed me. Half of
the remaining drink came into my mouth. I like this taste of
champagne mixed with his love and his saliva. Within no time we
finished the whole glass. He enjoyed kissing me with his mouth full
of champagne. Sooner I realized that I could feel hardness under my
ass. I shifted my ass a little bit so that his penis was right in the
middle of my ass crack. We sat there in this position for quite a
while. He was kissing me and squeezing my boobs, while I would move my ass over his penis. Lots of kissing and my ass movement had made him fully hard again.

Soon he pulled me over him while he moved back towards the top of
bed. He lied there, while he pulled me on top of him. He asked me to
ride his cock. I guess today, he wanted to relax while still fucking
me. Well I had no problem in riding over him. I get more penetration
and I can also feel his balls with my hands. I sprang over him with
my legs on either side of him. I slowly lowered my self on top of his
hood and eased down slowly. I was careful to sit on him slowly, so
that I can feel him slow and tight in my small cunt. My cunt lips
were wrapped around his cock like a tight clip. Then I started moving
my hips up and down. I soon gained rhythm. He was enjoying me fucking him. His breathing was heavier now and was sort of moaning as well.
My boobs were bouncing up and down in front of his eyes. He brought
his hands and started squeezing my boobs. My tits were rubbing
against his palms making them rock hard. My cunt juices had already
started flowing over his cock and made him slippery. He was enjoying
a lot, as he started getting tighter inside me and he was pushing his
ass upwards with my thrust.

I then moved my hands to his sides and rested them on the bed, tilted myself a little bit backwards. I was leaning away from him now and my pussy was glued to his cock. I lifted my ass a little bit and gave some room for him to fuck me from bottom. He was moving faster now from beneath me, pushing his cock deeper inside me. His hands were caressing my thighs and my ass. He was also giving support to my ass to lift it slightly above him, so that it gives enough room for him to push upwards in rhythmic motion. I was moaning hard now. I am sure people in next 3 adjacent rooms could hear my moans and little screams. Who cares when you are getting a good fuck. Let them hear, if they are. He pulled me over him a little so that my boobs are just over his mouth. He took out his tongue and started licking my bouncing boobs. His hands were caressing my ass while his mouth was busy on my tits. His fucking became faster and faster and so as his pressure on my tits. I shuddered and came very next moment. He was about to come soon and he asked me to move out quickly and suck him hard. How can I not follow his desires on our honeymoon. Without wasting time, I quickly got up from him and quickly took his cock in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum mixed with my cunt juices.
It was kind of sexy. I sucked him and in no time he came in my mouth. He filled my mouth full and still coming. Like a slut I gulped all of his come. I then licked and cleaned his dick. Soon his dick started shrinking and becoming limp. I then lay next to him, side by side. We hugged each other tight, with his leg between my legs and my leg over his waist. Sooner we were in deep sleep hugging each other.

In the morning, I felt some movements between my legs and then I
noticed that it was his hard penis that was so hard early in the
morning. I pressed his penis between my legs and hugged him and went for a small nap again dreaming about what happened just few hours ago. I still love to remember this first night of our honeymoon.

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08-07-2014, 02:53 AM
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the End .........................

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