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Desi Girl Exchange's Her Virginity - gungun - 13-07-2014 11:34 AM

Hi All, This is Akshay Ganna 36 year old back in action with my real life stories. I have a very good height of 6 feet and well-built gym body. Many girls ogle at me and desire, so I take that for the maximum of my advantage. I hope you enjoyed my other two story series “My Brother’s Bride” and “My Brother’s Bride’s Cousin Sister”. The story I am narrating now happened about 6 years back when I was then working as the project manager in an IT firm in Bangalore. I had a team of 20 boys and 15 girls working under me having various experience from being a fresher to a 6 year experienced team leads. The team was well focused and dedicated to work. I had been a Hitler and those who did not perform well, I used to fire them and get new hires. This made the team have fear and focus on the work with strict deadlines. But one day this girl by name Bhoomi, made me a tom boy from being a Hitler.

Bhoomi was a fresh hire. She had about an year of experience as a developer when she joined my team. Bhoomi comes from a middle class modern family of Vyas as last name and was then 23 year old, 5.3 feet high, milky white tight skin, shoulder long black hairs, nice deep green eyes, rosy lips and parrot nose. She was one of the girl I always eyed with lust while working. Her look, her smile, her skin tone and the body structure 34-28-36 with uplifted firm breasts and clearly visible roundness of her ass; all was so inviting to grab her, pull her to the corner and just do it. Most of the boys on the floor wanted to be with her and spend time during lunch or post office to impress her.

One day, I got an email escalation from client and he personally called my CEO and me; and blasted for the screw-up in the project. The anger just drilled down and the whole team had the heat taken. On postmortem, the fault was all pointed to 3 people; Rohit, Sameer and Bhoomi. The two boys to save their job just blamed Bhoomi for the whole mess-up. She resisted pointing those modules were not her and she is been pulled un-necessarily, but all fingers pointed her. Her face had turned pale and tensed, tears bursting her eyes and she looked helpless explaining the situation. The damage was estimated to be close to 5 lakhs and it was estimated to take 5-6 weeks for the 3 of them to execute and fix it. The client was reluctant and wanted it in just 2 weeks or else the whole project of 2.75 Cr. Would be pulled off. The pressure was intense and I choose to pick 2 additional senior resources Akshata and Sanjana; and stepped myself into executing the project; this is when experience counts anyway. To have the continues working on the project round the clock, I had split the team in 3 shifts for execution. Akshata+Rohit, Sanjana+Sameer, Me+Bhoomi. As I was doing other project management activities during regular working hours and wanted some break and then get into execution I scheduled my shift to 10PM to 8AM. Bhoomi had never done night shift, though she initially refused, she had no choice but to accept it to ensure her job is not lost.

The very first day the 2 other batches worked and handed over to Bhoomi and me, the codebase to continue the work. Once all of them left at 10:30 PM, only Bhoomi and me were in the 4th floor of the office; apart from us was the security and one attender in ground floor. Bhoomi was wearing a thin semi-transparent short t-shirt with deep cleavage and a low waist jean, revealing her flat tummy; the firmness of the round pointed breasts and the curves of her waist & ass.

Me: like a typical manager “Thanks for screwing the project and our life”
Bhoomi: her face pales “No sir, it was no my mistake, I, i cannot explain it”
Me: “All fingers at you Bhoomi, our big boss even instructed me to monitor you for few days and if you are not satisfactory, just fire you”
Bhoomi: her face tensed “Please sir, I need the job badly. My parents, my sister, all depend on my salary. Please save me, please”
Me: “But how will I explain our big boss? Few more days you are out”
Bhoomi: “I am sorry sir, please, please help me”
Me: “What will I get saving your job, you will again make mistakes”
Bhoomi: keeping silent for some time and few drops of tear roll over her cheeks “Sir, please. I need the job. Do something to save my job and I will do anything for you. Sir please help me”
Me: nodding my head sideways “No Bhoomi, the situation is worst. It’s difficult, I might risk my own position for this”
Bhoomi: Got up walked to me and sat on her knee, holding my hands in submission “Sir please, please help me, save my job and I will do anything you say”

Me: looking down, I could see the gap between her pointed breasts and had few heart beats skipped “No, what can you give in exchange anyway?”
Bhoomi: “I don’t know sir, you ask it and I will do my best to give you”
Me: Animal in me rose as I kept staring her cleavage, I lightly massaged her shoulders “Anything I ask in exchange? hummm”
Bhoomi: had some relaxing breath and a light smile “Sir, anything you ask, I will do”
Me: Looking deep in her eyes with a smile, I moved my hands down from her shoulder and lightly pressed her left breast “Are you virgin?”
Bhoomi: her face tensed in disbelief and she pushed my hands away; I forced my hands back and she kept resisting “No, please sir don’t do this to me”
Me: Shaking her “Do you have Choice?”

Bhoomi: Looking dull “Sir, please. I am a good girl and have never done such thing”
Me: “So the babe is virgin, what else will I want the best in exchange of job”
Bhoomi: Got up and stepped back disgusted “Men are animals, I, i …” she cried loudly
Me: Staring at her navel “Nice body, if you don’t want your job then its ok, you choose…”
Bhoomi: covering her navel with hands, looked down to floor, kept silent and few drops of tears fell down; shaking her head “No sir, please spare me and help me. Please”
Me: “To get something, learn to give something; you said you have people depending on your salary”
Bhoomi: Consoling herself and still lightly crying “Just once, ok”
Me: “Ha, we need to work a full two weeks dear, just once does not mean anything to me” – As I wanted more from her
Bhoomi: “Greedy Dog”

Me: “No, Wolf”
Bhoomi: “When you want it”
Me: “Only 4 people in building, security and attender in ground floor and we both in 4th floor; what else is the best time sexy babe”
Bhoomi: “If someone come up?”
Me: “No one will come, the door is locked and keys here on my table” – I smiled and swung the keys on the table
Bhoomi: “So it was all planned”
Me: admitting “See you messed up and want job, I had been eyeing you with lust from the day you joined. Shamelessly, I would have masturbated a 100 times at least and did not give my sperms the right home” pointing her pubic area “Today let them see their right place” and I smile

Me: I got up and walked straight to her and hugged her, kissed her ears “you are the one I was dreaming to have sex so many days”
Bhoomi: “Sir”
Me: “Call me Akshay, darling”
Bhoomi: accepting my hug “Akshay, I am afraid, I never did before”
Me: tightening my hug and crushing her breast to my chest “There is first time for everything, then you understand it and go on with it”

Before she could say anything else, I kissed her lips and she looked perplexed not knowing how to react on her first kiss. Her strawberry lipstick tasted good. I pushed my lips further kissing on her lips. After few kisses her lips parted and responded back with a kiss. I pushed my tongue lightly between her lips and she opened her mouth allowing my tongue to go in further. My tongue wrestled with her tongue under the tight hug, she moved her hands on my back accepting the entry of my tongue in her mouth and we kissed hard as our saliva mixed. I brought my right hand front and lightly squeezed her breast from outside the t-shirt feeling the cloth of the t-shirt and the bra inside. She gasped little air from my mouth and we continued kissing.

As I squeezed her breast and pinched the tip lightly, she trembled and her legs shook and she tightened her hug to hold me tight to her. I pushed my hands down on her bare navel and encircled the forefinger around her belly button and pushed the button with the tip of the finger. She seemed to enjoy kissing and my tantalizing touch. Goose pimples popped up her whole body and she shivered lightly. As I moved my hands up inside the short t-shirt, I moved the left hand down and then up again under her garments. I gave hard squeeze on her left breast and moved my hands back to assist my other hand to unhook the bra. I slid back my right hand to cup her left breast for the first time under her garments and she opened her eyes and quickly closed it tight in shame. No man had touched her bear breast till now. The softness and roundness of her breast made me hard as I kept tightening and releasing my grip over her soft milky breast. I slowly pushed the t-short and the bra up to her neck as I kept squeezing them.

Breaking my kiss, I bent down a little to take the fresh pink bud standing high at the top of her breast. He chest rose and body stiffed, as I bit the nipples and pushed her to the wall. I took more and more of her breast in my mouth and sucked them deep and chewed them lightly. Her milky white breast with the pink bud like nipples got hard and firm, letting me know the excitement she had got build inside her. I licked the top of her pink nipples in circular fashion with my tongue and then shifted to her right breast. I squeezed it hard to point the pink nipples high up and bit then, licked them, chewed them, sucked them deep and deeper. Then rising up, I held her hands above her head straight and kissed her lips deep, crushing my chest on her naked breast. She let a light moan as my nipples brushed her nipples. Letting her hands stay up over her head, I pulled the t-shirt and bra over her head and swung it on the floor. She shut her eyes very tightly knowing that she is all naked from top. I stepped back and pulled my t-shirt in one swipe and crushed back on her. As my naked chest crushed her breast, she to a deep breath and hugged me tight pulling my body tightly on her.

I pressed and squeezed her both breasts and pinched each nipples, I slid down again to lick, suck, chew and eat those milky breasts and pink nipples. Her head went sideways with eyes and lips tightly locked and breathing hard. She let a gasp and a moan “uuummmm aaaahh..”. Now knowing that she is hot, I slid down my mouth to her flat tummy and kissed the belly button, still keeping my hands continue working on those stiff pointed nipples. I pushed my tongue inside the belly button and licked them and sucked them. My saliva was all around her belly button. Her stomach vibrated on each kiss I gave her on the tummy. I worked my one hand on her chest and worked the other hand to un-belt the jeans and loosen it from her waist. I brought my other hand to and pressed her ass cheeks and pushed my face hard on to the flat tummy. She held her free hanging breast and started massaging them.

RE: Desi Girl Exchange's Her Virginity - gungun - 13-07-2014 11:35 AM

I got the thumbs slide in her jean and panty band. Not wasting much time I pulled the jean along with the panty all the way down to her knees and she held her hands on my head tightly to her tummy “uuuufffff”. I pushed further the jeans and panty down to the ankle and she stepped out of it. She was all naked with nothing covering her young, tight virgin body. She felt the strong gush of blood flow all over the body, Goose Pimple came up all over her body, she shivered in the cold air of the AC. Her eyes shut tight and lips crushed, cheeks turned red with blush and shame; as I stepped back looking and admiring at her naked beauty. She stood against the wall like a naked sex goddess statue as in the temple of sex. Her milky white skin was tight, spotless body with no stains at all, Her face looked like a lovely angel, her firm milky breast stood high, the pink nipples looked like a fresh midnight rose buds, her flat tummy and belly button made her the goddess, the curves on the waists were perfect as a super model, cleanly shaved pubic area, the virgin vaginal petals trying to hide itself between her perfect thighs, Her legs stood sleek and the foot so perfect. She was perfectly carved girls with all the beauties from head to toe, I am sure the creator god must have cum many time when he carved her to such a beauty.

She opened her eyes not feeling me on her, seeing me looking and admiring her naked body with strong animal lust and desire to make love; kiss and admire every inch of her body with my eyes, realizing her nakedness she shut her eyes tight and closed her face with her palms in utter shame. I pulled my belts and dropped my pants down to step out of it, releasing my monster penis stand stiff to all its length of 7 inches and swung up and down saluting the naked angle. With my fist moving up and down the length of my penis, I stepped towards her and leaned my body on her as if to nail her on the wall.

As my chest touched her breasts, my stomach touched her stomach and my penis touched her pubic area; she gasped in excitement and held my shoulders and then encircled her arms around my neck resting her chin on my shoulder. I moved my hands up and down the length of her ribs and cupped her breast with a light massaging squeezes. Her breathing increased and became heavy with light moans. I moved my right hand down and rubbed her virgin outer petals with two fingers. On the first touch on her virgin petals, her body bumped and she hugged me tight with pleasure. I was the first ever man to feel and touch those unexplored skin folds. The first voice of her excitement slipped her throat “ohhhuummm” and she scratched my back biting my shoulder lightly.

As I continued rubbing those outer petals, her left leg rose opening the access to my finger to explore more and more. Her wetness increased and I slipped my middle finger into the inner pick skin of the virgin petals. She was moist and my fingers slid up and down its length giving her the pleasure. Then I pressed a bit to slide my middle finger for the first time into the moist entrance of her unexplored pinkness. I did to and fro rubbing to slide my finger in and out and she rose on her feet and widened her legs to bumped her hips to allow my finger to deeper. Her wetness was all over my fingers, when about half an inch in I felt the elastic membrane of her pure virginity. As I pressed it lightly, it felt like a balloon surface stretching and contracting. She bit me heard on shoulder “uuummmmmm”, her body shivered and she whispered in my ears “That is all I have been protecting for years”.

I moved my finger tip touching and encircling the elastic surface of her hymen and made her shiver with sheer excitement; and pushed my forefinger sliding close to my middle finger to open her heavenly entrance a bit more. I stroked both the fingers in and out to make her virgin entrance accept two fingers easily. I placed my penis over her virgin petals and pressed my body hard on her body and moved my both the hands to grip her ass cheeks; and lifted her above the ground. To balance herself she tightened her hug and moved her legs behind me and rested it on my waist; letting herself hang on my shoulders.

I lifted her and walked towards the conference table, as I walked her pink wet virgin lips moved up and down and brushed the length on my penis; sending pleasure waves across her body and she giggled lightly. I rested her ass on the table and sat on my knees to have my face straight sunk down between her thighs. I opened those virgin lips and kissed them. She leaned back on the table letting a moan “aaaahhhhaa…”. I pushed my tongue into the pink folds of her cave to taste those virgin juices. The aroma was divine and the nectar tasted as salted honey. I licked, sucked and chewed her pink fold and pushed my tongue deeper and deeper; to which she expanded her legs and raised her hips to allow me drink those fluid of joy coming out of her.

After about 5 minutes she was completely wet from inside and my mouth was almost sticky because of her juices of joy. I stood up and jerked my penis full length in my fist to prepare it for the divine dive in the juicy well of heaven. I opened the lips of Boomi’s virgin petals and placed the pink head of my penis on it and lightly pushed it. Her entrance of heave opened up to accept my penis head. The sensation on my pink skin closely touching her virgin pink skin made her squeal and twist her body in pleasure and joy. She bit her lower lips and blushed. No man had been so far knocking the doors of heaven.

I pushed and increased the pressure and about half an inch inside the tip of my penis finally kissed the balloon surface of her virgin wall. She closed her eyes, bumped her hips and tensed her body and bit her finger in excitement. I slowly gyrated my hips to move my penis slightly in-out of her vaginal entrance. Boomi closed her eyes and was enjoying the feeling of a man’s penis rubbing and knocking the entrance of her virginity. After sometime when she was much more relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure waves, I started pushing my penis further in making her hymen expand and stretch like a balloon. I gave few to-fro jerks and the membrane expanded like elastic every time.

This is the moment for which I had exchanged the deal to save her the job in the company. I pulled a bit longer keep the head of my penis still sunk inside her vaginal entrance. A few more strokes and then I gripped her lower waist; gathered my breath, tightened my pubic muscles and with all my strength I gave the most powerful push from my hips. My penis head moved inside her vaginal entrance and expanded her elastic hymen to stretch as far as it could; and finally it gave its way and tore apart.

I could feel the hymen membrane tearing and opening up as my penis kept going in, and further inside all the 7 inches hitting my balls on her ass cheeks. Boomi’s eyes opened wide, lips crushed hard, her face turned red, mouth opened wide to gasp air, her body stayed stiff and unmoved, she gripped the tables hard to stay motionless, legs tightened its grips on my hips and her leg fingers twisted, her vaginal muscles gripped my penis hard and squeezed it. Drops after drops tears started flowing from her eyes. She was in the greatest of the pain. I stayed motion less, allowing her to relax and accept my thick penis deep inside her newly opened vaginal canal where nothing had entered so far, for so many years. She kept sobbing and after about a minute Bhoomi relaxed her body in acceptance of my penis deep inside her. Her vaginal muscles relaxed and loosened its grip.

I pulled my penis lightly and pushed ensuring she does not feel the pain much. Slowly I increased the length of the pull-push longer and longer by millimeter by millimeter. After about 30-40 strokes my penis felt the lubricated canal allowed my thrust with ease. Her sobbing stopped and her breathing increase; the pain had all gone and the pleasure of sexual need wheedled her inner desires. The tension on face subsidized and mouth opened to gasp air on each thrust and let the moan out “aaahaa aaaahhhh aaaaaahhha”. The dance of our sexual desire was on, as I kept gyrating my hips and gave longer deeper thrust, she bumped her hips to match the rhythms. I made variations and gave small fast thrusts followed by long deep slow jabs. Her body stiffed again, she held the table tight and the thighs tighten the grip, following her vaginal muscle to squeeze my penis hard and then I felt wave of pleasure on her vaginal muscles sucking my penis inside. She had her first real sexual orgasm. Her thick love juices gushed on my penis and let me know how much she needed me deep inside her.

She opened her eyes which were damp with the new experience and joy of her first orgasm, looked at me and smiled. It gave me so much of energy that, I started giving long hard jabs. On each jab, my balls hit her ass cheeks, the impact created the sound ppoookkk pookkk pppooookk. After about a long 20 minutes of hard sex, our bodies sweat in the chilled AC room. She was getting her second orgasm building inside her. Wanting to blast my seeds along with her, I increased the speed of my jabs like an super-fast express train. She let a loud moan “AAAAAAAAA…hhhhhha…aaaaaaaaa…aaaaahhhhh” announcing the intense orgasm building inside and about to cum. Then then the moment of ultimate union came. She held the table as hard as she could, twisted her body in joy as her stomach vibrated and she lifted her hips to release the intense orgasm from deep inside.

Simultaneously, sensing the orgasm Bhoomi is having, I gave the final hard jerk to dig as deep I can inside her and released jets after jets of my semen deep inside her womb. Her vaginal muscles contracted and expanded in waves after waves of pleasure; and sucked my semen like vacuum sucker and took the seeds of life into her womb. As our orgasmic pulses reduced, we relaxed and I leaned flat on her body on the table. Our body tangled with each other and enjoyed feeling each other. We lay motionless and breathing hard to gain energies. I lifted my head and looked in her eyes and said “If I get this pleasure every day, I will not only save your job but also promote you” and winked at her. She smilingly said “UUmmmaaa” and hugged me tight; letting me know that now onwards she is only mine and I can do whatever I want with her.

I lifted myself and slowly pulled my semi-erect penis out and saw blood stains. I took my white kerchief and cleaned my penis and then dipped it into her vaginal canal to suck all the blood stains on the kerchief; as I wanted to store that kerchief as a remembrance of me taking Bhoomi’s virginity. We heard a long distance knock on the main door of 4th floor. Bhoomi got up quickly and collected her cloths and ran to the bathroom hurriedly. I got hold of my pant and pulled it up quickly and in a swing pulled down my t-shirt. I hid my underwear and banyan in the draw and corrected my hairs and walked to the door. It was Balu our attender. I asked him “What”, he asked me “Sir, is everything ok? I heard tables moved, so thought I will help you.”.

I smiled from inside thinking that table moving is my pleasure not your job and said “Nothing, I just moved my table a little to adjust the space. Thank! anyways”. Balu stared at me and smiled; and left the place swinging his head as if he noticed something. I quickly went to bathroom to check and saw that my mouth was all red with Bhoomi’s lipstick and the t-shirt had the lips mark, might be Bhoomi had kissed me on the t-shirt to leave impression. Back of my mind I was knowing that this guy would have noticed it and would spread the rumor about Bhoomi and me. Then I thought, how does it even matter. I got what I wanted.

After that night, for the whole 2 weeks we used to start our work with a hard sex session and then get into working of the project and sometime we spent the whole weekend night having 2-3 rounds of sex without anyone knowing about it. Even now though we have left the company, we meet in my flat and have sex. She was one of the best girl I trapped and took her to pleasure island.

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