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Nandita was now being bobbed up and down fast by this little Chootu boy and started wailing , feeling another orgasm approaching. She still held the phone, all Raja could hear now was "UURRNGH AARRGGHN RAJAAAA OOOUUIIII MAAAA". He kept calling her name, "Nandita, Nandita, whats wrong tell me". Nandita continued wailing as she orgasmed still holding on to the receiver. Afterwards Nandita had the presence of mind to sound normally and tell Raja that she had just thrown up. She was not feeling well come home soon, she said and closed the phone. Seeing her Mohan replied "you act smart lady". Nandita replied " PLLLEASSSEEEE leave me alone, its enough, your hurting me”. Mohan laughed at her lying on the ground and pleading with him. Hearing this he picked Nandita up from the floor and made her stand. Nandita was too weak to be able to stand by herself and fell on Mohan for support. Mohan was shorter than her but much much stronger, he supported her weight and lay her down on the bed on her stomach. He made her kneel on the bed with her arse jutting out. Holding her arse cheeks apart he tried to push his prick into her asshole. "AAAARRHHH AAAN AARRNNNNN AARRRNN", cried out Nandita , as his prickhead penetrated her ass.. Mohan was too excited at her wailing to stop now. He pounded and buggered her virgin asshole. Nandita had tears rolling down her face as she was repeatedly assaulted by this Chootu boy. Mohan soon ejaculated inside her and withdrew his limp prick out. He left her room, as she was deliriously sobbing on the bed.

When he returned to his quarters, realization of what he had done dawned on him. He quickly packed his belongings and fled the house. Meanwhile, the time was around 1.30pm and Nandita's brother-in-law(BIL) arrived back from the funeral. All through the day his thoughts had been on fucking his sister-in-law. He quickly reached her room so as not to waste any further time. On reaching her room he was aghast at what he saw. Nandita was lying naked on her bed, sobbing softly, with bruise marks and semen stains all over her. She was bleeding from her arse . She saw him and started crying loudly. He hugged her naked body and asked her who had done this to her. She told him that Mohan had raped her. This girl whom he was dying to fuck and been having it out with the Chootu. He thought, first with somebody else, now the Chootu and god knows who else. He quickly ran to the servants quarter to find him. Seeing that he had fled he returned back to Nandita.He sized up the situation when Nandita pleaded with him not to tell Raja or anybody else. He agreed and helped her bathe in hot water and dress up. Next he himself cleaned up the room so as not to leave any evidence of the fucking she had received.
My Bil's name is Balan and he is about 30 yr. of age. He has medium built and wears specs. But the specks suit him and he looks smarter. He is very jolly and laughs a lot. I could say that his sex life was still active with his wife, though I have never seen them in actual sexual act. But his behavior told me this. I have seen him without a banian many times and I observed lots of hair on his back. I have read some where that men who had hair on the back were sexually very active and I loved this.

I decided to seduce him somehow or the other and so I started showing him my assets making it to be accidental. I have shoulder length straight hair and like to leave it free when I am in the house. I wear Sari / salwar kameej even in the house. To show off my body to my BIL, I wore the sari below the naval, exposing my fleshy belly and stomach to him. I take the pallu on my left shoulder so that he could see the form of my 36" breasts. I had to be very careful from other members of my family, specially my MIL. Routinely, my husband leaves the house daily at about 10 am and my MIL by 1030 for her school (she was a teacher ). That gave me ample time to be alone with my Fil. As soon as these members left the house, I would adjust my saree and take it down below my naval. I purposely did not cover the front portion of my belly and stomach because I wanted my BIL to look at this asset of mine. Many a times he started at my exposed stomach as I did some household chores but moved his eyes away fast. He must be feeling some guilt too! Then I started to give him glimpses of the curves of my breasts by bending down in front of him and letting my pallo fall from my shoulders. Ohhh that would fix him! He would stare at my breasts and then look deep down to see if he could see more! This way I derived lot of pleasure and I used to get very wet down there and had to masturbate just thinking of him. I had to do something more! I had to get him into my bed and fuck him!
As this continued his attitude towards me changes and he took every opportunity to talk to me and even touch me casually. One day I decided to show him something more! We have a 2 bedroom flat and the common hall lies in the center. From the hall you can see the door of my bedroom. The TV is just in the line with the door of our bedroom and if one is watching TV he could just see what's happening in our bedroom. I decided to take the advantage of this. That day my BIL was watching TV and may be that was some cricket match he was interested in. I decided to make my move and went to the bedroom. I kept the door open and went inside. Then I looked at the hall and could clearly see my BIL looking at the TV. I made some movements just to confirm that he could see what I was doing inside. And I could see him looking at me while watching TV. Now I stood and unwrapped my pallo to remove my sari. As the pallo fell down my breasts stood free, just covered by the blouse. I looked at the hall, not directly but just from the corners of my eyes. YES he was watching. I removed the sari and stood there just in my blouse and petticoat. Ohh god! My entire body was trembling with excitement and felt goose pimples all over my body. That was the sign of excitement and sexual arousal for me. Yes! I then unbuttoned my blouse and slowly removed it. I did it real slow so that BIL had nice view of my breasts uncovering.

My heart was beating very fast. I then turned my back towards the hall and pushed my hands behind my back to show my BIL what I was doing. My fingers touched the hook of my brassier and I slowly unfastened it. I could not observe my BIL this way but I was sure he was looking. I slowly removed my bra and then threw it away. Ohhhh! Here I was in my bedroom showing my BIL I was undressing. My choot became wet and I could feel the juices flowing. I then went inside the bedroom to take my salwar kameez as I was pretending to change my clothes I took the pair and again stood near the door. I peeked inside the hall to find my BIL still watching. He was now watching the door and not the TV! I stood facing him with my breasts naked to his view. I felt my nipples grow and my breasts swell. I slowly put my hands over my breasts as if I am trying to cover them and then bent down to lift my kameez. As I bent down I knew my breasts will jiggle and fall down due to gBalaty. The two melons swayed as I moved and I could see my BIL looking at it intently. Then I straightened up and removed the knot of my petticoat. I wanted to stand nude in front of the man in my dreams! I started to remove the petticoat and slowly pushed it down. It stuck to my hips and I had to wiggle my ass to let the petticoat go down the buttocks. This way I was dancing! My BIL was looking and looking. Ohhh god! What I was doing? What will he think? I suddenly removed my petticoat in hurry, as if I had discovered him watching and fled inside. After wearing the kameez, when I came out of the bedroom, My BIL was not there! I searched for him but could not find him. Then I looked at the bathroom and found the door closed. Ohhhh! Was he jacking off? I slowly went near the door and put my ear to the door. I could hear him breathing heavily and then I was shocked! I heard him say,

" Ohhhhhhhhh Nandi! Why are you teasing me? Ohhhhh! You made me so hot! Come on! Fuck my cock. Ahhhhhhhhh! That's it! Ohhhh how I want to fuck you! Ahhhhh coming for you baby! Ohhhh ahhhh commmmmmiiinnnggggggggg!"
Ohhh god! What I was doing? Making this man old enough to be my brother sexually aroused and who is masturbating for me. I am his sister in law! Ohhhh is this good? But I am really excited at that time. Its pure lust I have in my mind. I could hear lot of movement in the bathroom and I could not face my BIL in this stage so I hurried back in my room and lay on the bed. My hand slipped inside my salwar and onto my choot and I started to rub it imagining my BIL masturbating for me. I had closed my eyes and my hand moved down below. I came very fast and lay on the bed, totally exhausted.

That night I was waiting for my husband Raja to come home and to go to bed with him. That night we both fucked like mad with me lying on my stomach and he fucking me from behind. That way I could not see my husband but imagine my BIL fucking me. It felt so real that I thought I am being fucked by my BIL Bala. I had intense orgasm and Raja asked me what had happened to me and why I was so much aroused. What should I have told him? I just kept quite and let my body respond. I had fantastic sleep that night and it was full of dreams about my BIL. Where I was going? Where this will lead me? I can't say!

After that day I was not able to face my BIL. Though he had fucked me I could not say anything to him. I was even afraid to talk to him the routine things. Then one day I had a chance to be with him officially.

We all family members were to go for a movie on Sunday and I knew I could make it! All I wanted to do was sit next to him during the movie. Luckily that day my MIL was not feeling better so she dropped the plan of watching movie with us. My husband, me and BIL were to go. Now my BIL loves to watch movies and readily agreed. I wont go into much details but come to the point.

Since there were males on either side of us naturally I was sitting in the middle. My BIL was sitting on my left side and my husband on the right. I was excited with the presence of my BIL and wanted to show him that I am really interested in him sexually, This was the chance!

The movie started and I sat comfy resting my hand on the left side seat rest( BIL's side). My BIL had also kept his hand there. But he removed it and allowed me to place my hand there. May be he was afraid that his brother may look. Now I pushed my hand farther and it touched BIL's chest. BIL looked at me and in the dark I could just see him smiling. He did not move away now. Raja could not see what was all happening on my left. That was good! I showed him that I did not mind touching him. Then I got the surprise from him! He folded his hands and his left hand traveled to my breast. His fingers touched me right on the fleshy breast. Ohhh god! I did not shift but instead pushed my body towards him. He got bolder now and his palm took hold of my left breast and he started to squeeze it. I glanced at my husband and saw that he was watching the movie intently. He too had his elbow against my right breast. WOW the brother was squeezing my left breast while the brother nudging against my right one! I was a lucky woman in this world!
I purposely put my hand on my husband's thigh and let it remain there. It was just to show him that I loved him. Now BIL was boldly squeezing my breast and slowly his hands pushed to the portion below my blouse and rested on the flesh there. Ohh his hand was warm and it felt better on flesh. Slowly his hand travelled upwards and into my blouse. Ohh god! He was putting his hand in my blouse! I was wearing a bra and I cursed myself for this. Now the bra would be hurdle for his fondling. His hand travelled up and rested on my bra. Ohhh! My choot was wet with juice! I had to do something about the bra! I decided to take it off at the time of interval. Now he was pressing my breast like a horn and I was shaking with lust! I slowly widened my legs so that my thighs touched those of my BIL. He put his leg near mine and started to rub the foot on my leg. It was like a fire within!

Ohh! I whispered to BIL! This was the first time I did this that too because it was dark all around. BIL took his hand off and then his hand rested on my thigh. I had to fold my legs so that Raja won’t see the movement here. I caught his hand between my thighs and he started to caress them. Damn! I should have been insane! Similarly I too placed my hand on his thigh and started to rub my palm. He caught my hand and pushed it to his crotch! So daring! Now my husband moved a little and he caught my hand. I was breathng fast now and Raja asked me what was the matter. I said nothing and placed my hand again on his thigh. There on the left side, my hand rested on the bulge of BIL's pant and I pressed his lund! Ohhhh it was hard! My Bil had his shirt out and so my hand could not be seen. Then BIL did the most daring thing I could imagine. ( I think he was well experienced in this type of flirting) he pulled down his zipper and pushed my hand inside! Ohhhh god! My hand touched his cock for the first time. His cock was hot and like a steel rod. I encircled my fingers around it and started to rub it. BIL was moving his hips slowly and his movements were not seen in the darkness. As I touched his cock head the precum ozzed out. I smeared it on his cock head and rubbed the sticky fluid there. BIL moaned and his cock jumped. I took my hand out of his pants and tasted the dream fluid. Ohhh so nice! Bil looked disappointed but he continued to push his hand towards the center of my thigh. Ahhhhh sat sideways so as to give BIL access to my juicy choot, soon he found the treasure and his fingers rubbed my choot over the sari and petticoat. though there were clothes in between it felt so nice! I put my hand over his and rubbed it there.

I wanted his cum! I pushed my hand to his crotch and caught his lund again. Now it was all wet with precum and I fisted his lund slowly. BIL moaned and pushed his cock into my fist. I tightened my grip and soon rewarded by his cum. Cum spurted all over my hand and I took my hand out and wiped it on my handkerchief. I smelled it, it had acrid smell but I loved it. It was very precious for me! I tasted it too. It had salty taste and I loved it. After he ejaculated he was quiet for some time. Then there was interval!
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