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Full Version: Doctor Inject Me With His Hard Rock
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My husband and I recently moved to be closer to our work. Before, we were commuting over 60 miles a day, but we found a gorgeous house less than 15 minutes away from our store—and I found out what a pain moving can be!

One of the first things I did after we moved was look for a good general practitioner and make an appointment to see him. I thought I’d only be speaking with him and sharing my medical history during my first appointment, so I was unprepared when his nurse told me to change into a gown before he came in to see me.

I guessed the doctor to be around thirty five and thought he was very nice. Polite. He really seemed to care about his work and asked a lot of questions about my medical history. He also asked how I was feeling before asking me to get on the exam table. He checked my vitals, then my breasts (I’m very proud of them – they are firm and 34Ds). I retied my gown and he pulled out the stirrups and told me he wanted to do a pap and pelvic exam, too. That way, he would have a complete record of my health.

I’m used to these and they don’t really embarrass me anymore. But Dr. Phillips was younger than the doctors I’ve seen before – and he was really attractive. Also, I’d had sex with my husband that morning and hadn’t washed up after. So that was a bit embarrassing, but Dr. Phillips seemed professional so I just went with it, pulling the sheet up and putting my feet in the stirrups.

The physician wheeled his tray over and focused a light between my legs as he pushed the sheet back and exposed my pussy. He looked closely for a moment, then inserted a gloved finger into my vagina and pushed down on my stomach, getting a good feel. He did my pap smear and everything else needed to be done. When he was finished, he pulled the sheet down and pushed his chair back, telling me that we were done.

He walked me out to the front and let me know that my results would be back in about two weeks. He also let me know I could call him if I had any concerns or wanted another appointment.

It took me quite some time to get our house completely unpacked and set up, but it slowly came together. We made friends with neighbors and joined the local country club where we spent a lot of time playing golf and making friends.

Some of the women I golfed with admitted to fooling around on their husbands – something I’ve been known to do – and we all talked openly about our affairs. On this one day, we were having drinks at the bar after golf and Jennifer excitedly told us about a recent encounter she’d had with Dr. Phillips. She had recently hooked up with him and said she couldn’t believe how big his cock was. She said it was at least eight inches long and thicker than any she’d ever seen. She even said that he couldn’t quite get it all in her pussy but it was fantastic when he fucked her. My ears were all perked up and I was very interested in finding out more about my doctor’s special gifts up close and personal. Regardless of what some women say, I firmly believe that bigger is better, especially when it comes to cocks.

We’d been living here for seven months by the time I learned of Dr. Phillips’ huge cock, and I was really ready for an affair. I was crazy horny. My husband and I fuck at least once a day, but I’m really insatiable and Dan understands my need for more. Still, even though my husband knows about and allows my affairs, out of respect for him I am discreet. I couldn’t just go out and fuck the first guy I met, especially in a new town. I needed to wait for the right opportunity to present itself and until then, I masturbated while fantasizing about my doctor’s cock.
A few weeks after Jennifer’s confession, I bumped into Dr. Phillips at the country club. He was getting a drink at the bar and when I saw him, I headed in his direction. He asked how I was doing and then asked if he could buy me a drink. We sat and talked for forty minutes and I learned that he had a standing Saturday afternoon tee time that he never missed. I was meeting friends for dinner, so I left him when they arrived, but I made a mental note of his schedule and told him I’d see him soon.

For the next few weeks, I made sure I was at the club every Saturday afternoon at the same time, guaranteeing that I would just happen to run into him. I always acted surprised, but I imagine he knew it was no coincidence. The fourth Saturday we just happened to meet, he invited me to join him for a late lunch. I had no other plans and agreed.

We talked flirtatiously, exchanging suggestive remarks at times and even reaching out to touch each other on the hand or arm as we chatted. I really didn’t think it would be long before he made a move on me. I was right.

It was raining as we got up to leave from lunch and Dr. Phillips offered to walk me out. I’d forgotten my umbrella but he had his. We huddled together as we walked across the parking lot to my car, and as I slid into the car, my short golf skirt hiked up a bit and exposed my panties. I didn’t pull it down. He’d already seen me naked, after all. I swung my legs in and closed the car door. I started the engine, but then Dr. Phillips knocked lightly on the window. “Have you made it up to the lake yet?” he asked after I rolled down the window. I shook my head. “It’s beautiful,” he continued. “This rain shouldn’t last. Would you like to take a drive up there?” I nodded and smiled.

As we drove down the long narrow road leading to the lake, we talked. Dr. Phillips kept touching my arm, hand, and thigh, sending little shivers of pleasure through my body. I was getting terribly horny and so eager to be with him. I knew I’d be horribly disappointed if he really just wanted to show me the lake.

The rain had become a downpour by the time we reached the lake. Dr. Phillips wasn’t fazed, though, and kept directing me as I drove and telling me when and where to turn. Soon we were pulling up to a small log on the far side of the lake. “This is my weekend place,” he told me. “We can go in for a drink and wait out the rain, if you’d like. The rain’ll clear up soon, and then I can give you a real tour of the area.”

I didn’t believe the rain would be slowing down anytime soon, but I did know that his offer had nothing to do with wanting to give me a tour of the lake. I accepted his offer of a drink, turned off the car and followed him into the house.

We sat near each other while sipping our beer on the small deck of the cabin, but it wasn’t until we’d shared a couple of drinks before Dr. Phillips his arm around my shoulders. I was happy he was finally making his move and turned his way. His lips descended on mine for a long, sensuous, lingering kiss that sent hot flashes of pleasure through my body. I melted.
I felt him unbuttoning my blouse and then he reached behind and unhooked my bra. Within moments, his mouth was sucking on my left nipple while his hand fondled my right breast. He alternated kissing and suckling each breast for quite some time, then kissed my lips again, but with much more passion than before. His lips moved from my mouth to my ear, and he sucked my earlobe. Then he leaned close and whispered, “Is this okay?” I shivered and said yes. He continued sucking my titties as he slipped his hand under my skirt. He began to caress my pussy through my panties and his touch drove me mad with desire.

He pressed his lips to my ear again a moment later and whispered, “I want to make love to you, Megan.”

I moaned and sighed, “Oh gawd, yes! I want to feel you inside me!”

He stood and much to my surprise, he picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. He threw down the covers and and laid me on the cool sheets, gazing down at me as he quickly shed his clothes. In moments, he had exposed his hard cock, and while it wasn’t quite as large as Jennifer had claimed, it was still longer and thicker than average and my mouth watered just looking at it.

I slipped off my skirt and he pulled my panties down as I raised my hips. I spread my legs so he could slide his cock into me, but he surprised me by laying between my legs to bury his face in my wet cunt. It would be impossible for me to describe how good he was, but it was obvious that is work had made him very knowledgeable about the pussy. He ate me so good that I came twice while he went down on me – the second time so hard that I think I squirted.

After a few moments holding me while I recovered, Dr. Phillips mounted me, slowly sliding his cock deep into my cunt. As he fucked me, he put his hand under my ass and pulled me close so he could get in deeper.

He lasted for an amazingly long time, and the pace of our love making slowly increased until we were fucking like a couple of rabbits in heat. When he finally came, he moaned into my neck and pumped a hot stream of semen into my trembling cunt, bringing me to yet another orgasm.

We laid there relaxing in bed, catching our breath and touching – caressing each other’s body. After a half hour or so, I noticed that his cock was beginning to come back to life. I scooted down and took him in my mouth, licking and sucking him to the best of my ability. He was so thick I couldn’t get him very far down my throat, but he didn’t seem to mind. After he was all worked up again, he pulled me up and told me softly that he wanted to fuck me again. He fucked me so good, I came several more times!

When I got home that night, I was so tired from fucking Dr. Phillips that I had no energy to fuck my husband. He asked me what was up and I told him the truth. It turned him on so much, he ate my cum-filled pussy and then jerked himself off all over my big tits. Suffice it to say, he had no problem with me screwing the doctor behind his back.
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