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Hello Everyone, Here is Adnan, resides in Lahore, a well known city of Pakistan. I'm 21 years old and a student of Chartered Accountancy so having qualified education, i am literally well educated along with good behavior and knowldge from accounting to across sex. My height is 5. inches and weight would be 55 to 57 currently. I'm well shaped cause of body building, having a fair complexion with the quite decent look. Nobody can comment on my personality in nagative sense but i know i am totally horny inside. Apart from lie, i will tell my penis size correctly which is about 5.6 inches long with the thickness of 2.5 inches and have a good erection which can stimulate the pussy like vibrator. I live in a famous area of Lahore with my family. My family members premise 5 people. Father, Mother, I and my two younger brothers. Father is a businessman of Pharma, Mother is housewife, her name is Rubi and remaining two brothers are students of O-levels. My Mother fall in the age of 46 but her age isn't fit on her sexy/seducing body. She has a well shaped big boobs of 38DD with the wide ass of 40 inches and waist must be 36. She is 5.3'' tall and gain the weight of 70. She is little fat but her tall height hides the fat. She is wheatish in complexion and having some minor diseases like, Backache, legs ache which is necessarily the part of her age.

The story I am going to reveal is about my mom. The story will cover the aspects of fucking her badly for long as well as how my inner desires came true after struggling to get her. Why would i write the fake story by wasting my time? So consequently, I am writing an incident which is based on reality. The contentment of mine which is reveled according to my sets rules and desires. So coming to story but keep in mind, if you like my story kindly give me comments and well rating. The incident has happened on December 17,2014. I am a victim of incest from the past 5 years and the reason of being an incest is my independency cause my parents haven't kept check and balance on me so i went adult accoring to my mind. My mom considers me her very best friend from the time of my childhood. We've been suffered in poverty when i was a kid in the age of 7 to 12. My father was upset and he never took part in household chores so it was my responsibility from childhood to till now. So my mother shares everything to me at the time of poverty as well as now. She shares her superficial secrets with me also does back biting of my father with me. My father is married from the last 21 years but my father didn't treat her exactly as she wanted. It isn't my fantasy but my mother told me this. He gets angry on little things and lose his temperament. He doesn't take part in household chors neither he is aware about the condition of home. My mother always led us by the role of father as well. He used to drop us at school in childhood. She used to do household chores even she was a role leading model of our home. Yes, i can say one thing honestly and that is about my father lust. He done sex with my mother a lot, she treated her slut when she was young. I was aware of sex in the age of 8 cause we all family members used to get sleep in a room because we were kids at that time. My father used to fuck my mother badly for hours and sometimes she used to cry cause he used to fuck her by taking medicines. My father never took my mother to any hotel neither doctor. I always took care of her, treated her, took to doctor for check up, for shopping and grocery.

I share my every problem with my mother. Even she taught me how to cut off public hairs, about my nightfall. She restricted me for masturbation in the age of 18 as she thought that I am getting adult by she wasn't aware by my acts that i do masturbation even by the fantasy of her. Shortly saying, In the last june, My parents had a very serious brawl which was reached to the divorce, anyhow, they didn't give divorce but in the quarrel, my father hits my mother, used abusive language. He my fucking father forgot all good deeds of my mom and treated her like she was a maid. My mother got mentally tortured. Everything settles down by time but it left a sign of sorrow on my mother's heart and brain. She does back biting of my father and repeat the story of quarrel to me and in the end she starts cry. I take her in my arms, give love by kiss on cheeks. She used to love me as a son but I was a victim of incest so it was my biggest desire to fuck her badly like my father used to fuck her with moaning.

Two days back from the incident of fucking her, she revealed something which was shocking for me. She said, Son, "I had a dream in which i was doing forbidden acts with you". What, said by me. You should consult to spiritual teacher for interpration of dream, said by her. Yes, I will do mom. Anyhow, day went. In night, i was under the shock of her dream and was thinking to fuck her by leading the dream as a reason. The next day, i found something strange in her behavior, a shy smile on her lips, and shy talks which i can say double meaning talk. Like, "Dil karta hai k taiz tofaan aa jaye", i could say at that time to myself, she was talking about hardcore, lol. We often lay on bed together and does some causal informal gossips and one day before of our fucking, we were lying together on bed, i said, I've to share something with you mom as you know i never shared anything with papa. Go ahead my son, said by her. I said, mama i felt that in the age of 21 my penis isn't so long as it has to be. Her reaction was normal. She said, dont worry with the passage of time, it will get fine. But she could feel that her answer didn't make me satisfy so she said, Adnan, put off your jeans so i can judge the size as we are good friends. It was normal for me cause as i already told you, she was my friends too. I stood up, put off jeans and boxer and instantly, my cock was bare in front of her. She hold my cock in her hands. God swear, it was an undefined reaction by me, i felt current in my body. In a minute my penis got erected and she said, you have a good size Adnan, trust me. She said it with smile, Adnan you have more thick penis than your papa. I said, wow ok.

Gossips finished, i went to bathroom for jerking off. I thought, Adnan you have reached nearly the door of your desire. So on the night of this incident, i fell asleep on my mother's bed cause my father was on tour to Multan. My younger brothers were sleeping in other room. My desires were running speedily in my body cause the my lust was lying next to me. I and my mother Rubi was under the warmness of blanket. So having some courage i hugged her from back and didn't do anything more. After sometime, i felt she was moving her ass softly and consequently my penis got erected. She might have felt it but didn't say anything. I rewarded Her kiss on back neck and she said, Adnan what happened. Nothing, said by me. She said, You are getting the warmness of your mom and i said Yes. It is the nature of boys said by her with some laughter in voice. Mom, I wanna say something to you. Yes sure Adnan my sweet son, said by Rubi. Mama i never said anything to you except love but today i wanna say you that i really love you and i am very upset for you cause papa treated you very badly. I wanna take your sorrows and grieves by giving you real love. A silence prevailed in the room for seconds. She started crying and hugging me tightly with some words, "Adnan it isn't true beta, It is forbids in our Islam." I commented, Mama we do many sins in our daily life so why can't we do one more but i can make your satisfy as well as me. I am old lady, said by her. You are a young n fresh flower. You can't get enjoy by me. I said, you are very sexy Mama. You can give me everything more than any girl could give. She hugged me again.

I was lying staright and she was hugging me and we were doing some sexy gossips. She said, Adnan i felt that your father often ignores me cause i am getting old and she wants more rather than I give. She said, Adnan i have borne a lot of hardships in my life, I gave everything to your father but he didn't give me reward. I could feel the sorrow in her voice. She said, Adnan as we were friends so it isn't harmful to do some adult talk with you so listen. My breast was just 32 at the time of marriage and He treated my body like animal, my breast went out of shape and gained the size of 38. My gand was 30 now it is 40 in size cause of his long fucking. The word gaand made me revel. Adnan, I am really hungry from the last 3 years. Can you give me hard sex without thinking that i am your mother. Sure mama, said by me. "Batemize then stand up and lock the door and fuck your mother hardly and be my husband." These lines made my night and i was so much happy and glad that I can't share the inner feelings when i heard these lines by her mouth.

It was 1:10am(PST) exactly on clock and the time was mine, I got my mother as my slut, I got her pussy, i got her those shaggy 38DD tits and most exciting thing is her 40 inches ass. I stood up, went to the door and locked it but my mama said, Adnan go to the other room and check if your kids have slept or not, What, I nodded with surprize. Yes, You always treated me like husband, and today you are gonna be my real husband, Mama loves you very much. I went over the other room and luckily they were sleeping without the sense that their elder brother and mama making sexual activities. I returned back and said, Mama they are sleeping. I could felt some uncomfort reaction on her face and after asking the reason, she said, You've to call me by my name, Rubi. Yeah sure, why not Rubi and i blinked her with smile. She was greedy bitch so without taking time, she put off her clothes by herself and advised me to take oil from the bathroom. I obeyed her order and really, the feelings of obeying her were capricious. I came out from the washroom and again another order touched my sense of listening. She ordered me to give me a kiss and go back to garrage and take the car out and visit the market. What, Noooo Mom. I wanna take you now and you are letting me to go. Adnan, i am advicing you for your own benefit. Go and take something which i give you. She handed over me a prescription, on it, a name of tablet was written, "Super horse 10mg". What is this mom, It is a tablet so you can fuck me for hours. Really!! Wowwww, you are great. I think you are very thirsty and greedy, you are really a slut my mom, Adnan you are calling me slut, very bad, call me your whore, said by her. I cannot believe on her cause i never thought about her dirtiness, she was really a fun living woman. I didn't waste time and went to market, brought that tablet with a pack of condom, "Touch dotted" a condom which comprises dots on it, which can stimulate the inner portion of pussy.

Now, the time was 2am sharp when the room has been locked. Mama got naked and i took that tablet. Mom said, don't turn the light off cause it will make you excited in sex. I laid down on bed, she was nude, her mangoes with large aerola and big nipples of dark brown color were touching my chest, she was seducing my chest with her hands, with her kisses, she also did bites on my chest, she was licking my nipples. She ordered me to go nude and take your mom as your wife. I put off everything then she commented, you have a good size, i told you. You can make my pussy as "Phudda", you can make my ass "Gaand". She was seeming to me slut cause i didn't expect these words by her side. Then i started to to kiss her. I put my lips on her lips and started to kiss her, we both were putting our tongues in each others, we were smooching, she was holding my cock hard and i was piching her nipples. Our mouth and lips were fully wet and i was much glad cause she was my own mother with whom i am doing these acts. We were kissing to each others madly and very badly. Then i started to lick her neck, her ears, her cheecks, i was biting her neck, which was leaving marks on her neck, you can say, love bites. I was treating her my slut, i was grabbing her tits badly and she was screaming with moaning, Ahhhh ahista Adnan, yeh mammay hain mere, dard hota hai. Dard bardash karo ab Rubi, i said. I hold her breast, and put my tongue on nipple and licking it and after some seconds, i took her nipple in mouth and started to suck it badly, i was putting her breast in my mouth as much i can. Haaaaaan chooso inhe , aur zor se, kha jaa inhe please kha jaaa...Mein unk boobs ko buri tarha kaat raha tha, choos raha tha. I was out of sense. Those big breast made me mad really, i could feel the red spots and marks on breast which were difinitely hurting her. Her nipples were erect and fully got wet by my saliva. I then started to giving her smooches again, then i was sucking her stomach, puting my tongue in armpits and her sweaty armpits were getting licked by her own son. I was sucking her from everywhere. I wanted to give her pain, pleasure and the SEX. Her thighs were milky and fat, i licked them, sucked them and made them wet. I then started to lick her feet. She was climbing like fish without water. She was looking like 25 years old. Ohhhhh mere betay, mere janu kiia ker dia apni mama ko, main mar gaaai januuuu, mar gai teri maaa...Haye beta, jaan nikal gaaai,Ahhhh.....Those moans were my diet. After licking and sucking Her i put my cock in her mouth. she started to sucking my cock like a hungry girl. She was taking my cock fully in her mouth, my cock was fully went wet, she was rubbing it with tongue, i can feel the cock in her throat. She was doing some bites with lips, Yeh lulla de ga maza mujhe, meri phudi ko sehlaye ga....Haan choos lo please, mujhe kha jao mama, main mar gaya, hayeeee.....Dekh adnan dekh, teri maa tera lulla chos rahi hai....Tere papa ko khabar B nahi honi k maa beta aik dusre ki wishes ko pura kar rahay hain....Beta mein apni sari diseases bhool gai hon, mujhe jawaan kar diya tu ney beta....My cock was red and blooding was running speedily in it. It was fully wet with saliva.

I think, pornstar can't suck the cock in her way, she was a good, expert cock sucker. I can say, she was greedy so therefore she sucked the cock like it. My wishes were coming true. Beta meri phudi kabhi nahi chosi tere papa ne, tu chosay ga...? Rubi mein chooso ga nahi balkeh tumhari phudi ka haal bura kar don ga...Adnan to chos na please, meri phudi ko pura muh me daal le, kha ja isay, iski wajah se betay se phudi marwane lagi hoon....You can judge, how the scene was actually looks like, when a big breast mature woman lying naked with open legs and a young slim guys, was licking her pussy. I rolled my tongue on her pussy, she screamed, Ahhhhhhhhhh! I then searching her clit from her red, blackish pussy lips, then started to stimulate it with tongue, she was holding my hairs thightly and her one hand was rubbing her nipple and breast. She was hardly pinching her nipples with her body moving up and down. I was puting my tongue in and out on her pussy, the salty taste of pussy was making me hungry and greedy. I got passion and take her pussy in my mouth, my tongue was in her pussy. She was moaning, Chos haan chos chos choos chooss naaaa kutay choosss....She was lifting her ass hardly and puting her pussy in my mouth, rubbing my head in it, forcing me to suck her hard...I put my two fingers in pussy and started to lick clit again, and after some passing minutes, she got erected, Ahhhhh mein discharge honey lagi hoon, muh na hatana please, chosta reh chosta reh ahhh ahhhh ohhh,main agai bus agaiii ahhhhh...I was continuely sucking her pussy, fingering her pusssy, Ami chos raaha hoon, aa jao hojao discharge, ho jaaao, after after a big erection and voice, she heavily cummed in my mouth with a moaning of, Mar gaiiiiiii darling.......She then closed her eyes, left the boobs and breathing heavily...Maza aaya mama, said by me...Na poch, said by her. I need your dick, (Mujhe tera lula chahiye).

Again, i got up and started to giving smooches. Her salive totally made my mouth wet, we were kissing like dogs...She was holding my head from back and giving me smooches and bites on lips. She was sucking my lips like mature slut. She was geting me in her desires. She was too hot. She was a slut and whore. She was the woman of pleasure. She said, lay down, and she stood up and came to my legs, and sucking my thighs, chest, feet, like Mallu Indian movies actress. Her big breast were getting sink in my chest. She was looking like slut, She did thousands of bites, nailed me hardly, consequently, left marks on cheeks.

We were at the peak of hotness. The condition of us went to mad slutty people. Bedsheet was shriked, bra panty underwear on bedsheet, her cum and my cum left spots on bedsheet. Our bodies were red and wet of saliva. We were looking like lover or you can say, she was looking like my slut which i hired for a night. We forgot the relation of mother and son. Were were incest and lovers. We were giving sex to each others. We were sinful people. We were sunk in the river of Sins. We were unaware about the consequences. She was just demanding my Dick and all i need is just her pussy. Instantly, A thought came in my mind to give her pain during hard sex. I wanted to see her crying in front of me. I knew, she had over the age of 40 so her pussy is loose and if i fuck her hard, it will surely give her long lasting sex with pain. Loose pussy gets hurt with hard strokes. I was flash back in my childhood and could hear the moans of mummy during hard sex. I said, you given me pill of timing so now get ready to take me as your husband, she picked her eyebrows and said, What do u mean by it? I said,Meri mama jaan, hard sex!

I stood up, picked the condom and stimulating dots were made on it due to stimulate pussy, i wore it and held my dick in hand and said to mom "Yeh lulla do ga aj apni mama ki phudi me",she smiled and said, be a man of mine. I love you, i forgot all the sorrows and my inner pains and the age. I mean everything to you, i smiled back. she was in straight position, i opened her legs and set my cock on that damn hairy pussy and rub the clit with the help of dick and after a moment i put it in her pussy. She scream, Ahhhh mar gaaai mein,meri jaan meri jaaan gai...I ignored her and again pull out my cock and put it again with force. She moaned,Ahista Adnan, meri phudi hayeee....These words were making me hot and wild. I laid down on her stomach and was smooching her with saliva and piching her nipples hards and fucking her wildly. I was fucking her pussy. I was giving hard and deep strokes, which was making her moaned. Believe me, it is joyful to fuck a mature woman. I was sqeeuzing her big boobs while fucking, She was giving good response by moaning and pushing me towards her pussy. She was holding my cock tightly with pussy lips. It was bit painful for me, anyhow, i fucked her pussy for 10-20 minutes.

I again stood up on bed and ordered her to be in doggy position. "Is tarha pora ander chala jata hai, said by Mama." She was turned into doggy style, her bib balloons were handing, her boobs were soft and loose and hanging like mangoes. I spit on my dick and put it in her pussy, she was right, my cock got down in pussy and i held her boobs. I was fucking her badly, while holding her both boobs in hand. "Main borhi hoon ahista maar phudi,dard ho raha hai" (I am old woman,i feel pain,fuck me slowly). Chup kar k maza lene de Rubi mujhe,i replied. I was fucking her with strokes. Sometimes, i used to stop so she moved her ass to fuck me. Her position was too sexy, it was making me more horny.she was screaming with pain, her face was just look like she was crying due to pain. She said, it has been long time that your father fucked me for more than 5 minutes. I was begging for sex,thanks my Beta..I wasn't listening her cause i was roaming in the valley of lust, i was licking her back, slapping her big butts (buttocks). When i pulled my cock out, it was red and tight like rod. i said, see it, she smiled and put it in her mouth with condom and started to sucking it again. I am sure, no girl can give sex like she given me.

She ordered me to lay down and she again started to sucking my chest, my lips and neck. She said, i always suffered in stomach and legs pain but today i forgot everything. My inner woman has woken up. She came over to me, held my dick, set on pussy and sat down on it and by seeing it, my whole dick went inside. She was moaning, Mar gaii,bohut dard ho raha hai,haye meri jaan gai,adnan bus beta. Haye Adnan, Teri mama mar gai....I caught her boobs and asked to ride off. She was fucking me hard, she was going up and down with force and speed, her boobs were bouncing in air, it was nice to see my cock going up and down...It was winter but we were suffering in sweat, our room was full of moans, her face was showing her pain. I was cuming now, i asked, how many times, did u discharge, she said, i am old so by it, i cummed out 5-6 times then i said, i am cumming Mummy, fuck me hard. She increased her speed, i grabbed her boobs badly and by moans, Chodo mama mujhe, chodo mujhe, lo mera lulla ander, haaan me aa gaya hayeee...I cummed out.

She stood up and laid down with me. We closed our eyes and were breathing heavily. Our conditions were miserable. We fucked each others. We completed each others. My dream came true today. She hugged me and started kissing me softly and saying thanks. You are my love, my slut, my girlfriend and my whore, i said. Yes i am yours, she replied. I smooched her, went washroom. My dick was suffering in minor pain. After all, i fucked a whore today. We were happy.
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