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I am a working wife of an engineer. We were a newly married couple. We often fuck twice a day, morning and night. So I look more beautiful day to day. My office workers stare at me while I am walking in a saree as my whole body will shake while I walk. I am very active at sex but my husband was a stud and don’t understand my feelings.

He was a very hard working person and I am a clerk and I will do my work very lazily as I am working because to say that I am earning and so I am very active in my day to day life. This thing happened when we both went to a movie. We were retuning in the local train. I wore a very costly saree with black and red color combination as I like red very much as it was a train journey I was very tired. We both were separated from each other.
They were all men around me and my husband was far from so that he can’t even see me. Because of my tiredness, I can’t stand so I leaned over the chair nearby. There is a man sat on the chair and he was trying to touch my ass. I look at him with anger and he withdrawn his hand. All the men around me were staring at me and I am proud with that and I am feeling that I am a heroine.

The train was moving with heavy jerks and I am falling on the men before me and the man after me was falling on my back. Now my whole body became like a sandwich between strangers and I am feeling very bad about me and the station reached and as the coach was heavily crowded I can’t get down but I saw my husband getting down. I tried to call him but he didn’t listen to me.

I was asking the men near me to get me down but they were also not listening. I was thinking that I was lost and I was sold by the men near me to a brothel house. I was looking at them with confusion mind and they were all staring at me with lusty eyes. I was very scared and was looking for help. Then a man came and held his hand on my shoulder and said that he will help me. I thanked him and he pulled the chain and we got down. He said that his name was Johnny. He took me in a taxi and I told him my address and after some time the car stopped for something and he went down and brought me Pepsi and I drank it. The car started again and we were talking about our daily routine. Suddenly I felt some drowsiness and fell asleep when I woke up. I was in a big room which is fully furnished. I recollected every thing and I shouted at them, who are you rascal, where have you brought me. Then the door opened and the man who had brought me came and from that sight I scolded him like any thing and he kept quite and he came near me and asked that how often you will be fucked by your husband. I said nothing and he went to ask it repeatedly. I said that he will fuck me twice a day. He laughed and said, If I got wife like you I will fuck for 10 times daily as I was very interested in sex I stunned with his words and stared at him. He got my sense and came near me. I didn’t move and he said, I think you didn’t get your dose of sex today; I will give you a night that you will never forget in your life from my childhood.

I had a fantasy of fucking multiple members at a time. Now it was beginning to fulfill. He with my behavior took advantage and placed his hand on my thighs. It was a great feeling for me to be touched by unknown person. He became courageous and slid my saree from my shoulders at that time I was not thinking about my husband and was thinking only about his cock size and my fantasy. He then gave me a hard kiss over my lips and I felt very touching. He kissed me for a long time and at the end bit my lips. I got blood and asked him; don’t you see a woman before? He replied, I didn’t kiss a woman like you with all perfect sizes of body and with great beauty of face also. I felt shy and gave him a kiss on his cheeks. He turned his face and kissed me on my neck and I was now aroused. He said that you are a shy wife and now a slut and a slave for me. I said, “Yes my master, and order me what to serve you. He then sat on the sofa and called me to strip. I did as he said and dropped my saree. He stopped and asked me to dance and strip. I did some nasty dance and got my saree down and I touched my blouse, He again stopped me and said that he will help me.

I agreed and he pulled me towards him and with his teeth he was loosening my strings of blouse. It was open back blouse and was black in color. While he was doing I was searching for his cock in his pants. It was very large and was already erect in position. He was trying to touch my breasts with his hands I was teasing him and getting away from him. He at last stripped my blouse and it fell down. Now I was half nude with only bra and panty before a stranger. I was very happy with his acts and he was also to fuck a woman that looks like an angel. I gave a kiss over his forehead to make him more active. He then place his hands over my breasts and torn off my bra into two pieces. I immediately closed my breasts with my hand. He with his hands took my hands and said you are mine now. I will marry you and will fuck you like a machine until you fell down and get pregnant. I didn’t leave you even you are pregnant. I said; fuck me how long you can. I will stay here for my whole life to satisfy you. He dragged my panties also and now I was totally nude without a single piece covering my body. He went back and took a look at me. He was very much attracted with my body shapes and he jumped over me and caught held my breasts and kissed allover my face and he was sliding his cock on my vagina. He was sometimes pinching on my nipples and sometimes pulling my breasts and kissing on my thighs for a long time he went on kissing me only and then he asked me to give him a blow job.

I took his cock in my mouth and he did catch my hair for support and went on with two and fro motion. He released his semen inside my mouth and asked me to swallow it as it was my first time to do I rejected. He then slapped me and forced me to do so. I shouted at him for beating me. He then said, “Do as I said, or else I will kill you as nothing to do I did what he said and I am losing interest on him. He took me over a wall and makes me stand and licked my pussy as I lost interest on him I didn’t respond on him. He did like that and he finger fuck me and then he inserted his penis in my vagina.
It was very large for me to take it in. as my pussy was very tight he held my breasts for support and fucked me harder. It was like pulling me from my body, very painful but funny also. He with all his power gave repeated jerks and at last it went in. I was crying with pain and he bothered me nothing and he went on fucking me holding my breasts and pinching my nipples. I was getting pains allover my body. I was crying very loud and with great pain. I begged him to stop and leave me for today and I promised to come tomorrow. He accepted and left my puku. It was oozing semen from it.
I went into the bathroom and cleaned my self and dressed. I came back and asked him to leave me at my home. He said ok and called the call boy. He ordered for dinner. I asked him time and he said that it was 12 now. I was shocked and asked him what to do. He said that it was not safe to go now. He suggested going by morning. I agreed and the call boy was watching all our conversation and was looking at me with lusty eyes.

He went to him and whispered in his ears, want to fuck a milf? Then come to this room in half an hour. They both laughed at each other and he went out and brought our dinner with a big menu. I was astonished and ate all the things in a hurry. He stopped me and said not to eat much as it will cause damage to your body shape. I blushed and the call boy was stood watching me only while I was eating my saree was always sliding from my shoulders. I was getting it back in position. Then Johnny called the call boy and ordered him to do place my saree in the position correctly. I was thinking that it will be so romantic to be served by a male every time the saree fell the boy was getting it back in position. Some times he even tries to touch my body. I got his intensions and while he was placing my saree I moved towards him and he touched my breasts on sides. He was shy and we both were laughing at each other and were eating. Finally we have done and the call boy stood for money and Johnny was taking out money, I stopped him and asked the call boy is it necessary for us to pay the bill? He replied, No, No madam, nothing necessary for you. Then I gave a hot kiss on his lips and I saw his eyes were twinkling. Johnny asked him to go and he went out. We slept there and after I while I was feeling that some one was caressing my boobs.

I got up and astonished to watch the scene that it was the call boy. I looked around for Johnny. He was not there and I asked the call boy about Johnny. He said that Johnny gave you to me for 1000 rupees and he went away. I was stunned with his words as nothing to do I fucked him like there is no tomorrow. He went on fucking me in my pussy for so much of time. We didn’t look at the watch and went on fucking at last we were totally tired.
I was not having energy to move even. I fell down there and the call boy was fucking me even with easing pace. I woke up and looked around I was like morning and I looked at me, I was in full of semen and the call boy was on me and his penis was still in my pussy. It was so much painful and I pulled it out. I pushed him aside and tried to get up but with repeated fucking sessions I can’t got up. I slept again for some time and when I woke up it was night I think and remembered my husband and got up. The call boy came in a hurry and said Stacy you are so much sexy and I can’t leave you. I gave a smile and said that my husband will be waiting for me and I have to go by now immediately. He gave a naughty smile and let me into the bathroom. I washed my self clean and suddenly he came in and fucked me there. I was not having energy now to fuck, please leave me, I will come tomorrow,” I said but he didn’t respond to me. I pleaded him very much and he said, “I have bought you for 1000 rupees, it was my one month salary. How can I let you free, I have to get full satisfaction? With that I thought that I can’t go out without fucking him, so I left him fuck me and now I was like a fucking machine.

He fucked me without gap and blood was oozing from my pussy and my body was full of pains. He was also getting pains and he left me there and went onto the bed and slept there. I fell down there with no sense when I got sense I was on bed and was on the call boy. I tried to get up but a sticky substance semen was in-between me and the call boy. I some how got up and cleaned my self. I immediately got dressed up and opened the door but it was locked. I got back and found the keys in the call boy’s pocket. When doing so I watched the call boy’s penis growing up. I was called by his enlargement and I went there to suck the cock. I did lick his penis and with that disturbance he woke up and saw me, I was giving sighs and was licking it. He was also seduced and was massaging my ass. I did it and I realized to go back but he was in full sense to fuck me again. I said that it is enough to fuck me and I will come whenever he wants me and will fuck him for a day like that. But he disobeyed me and went on fucking me and for half an hour he fucked me in my mouth and he ejected his sperms in my mouth, and I had to swallow that. Then he came to my naval and fucked my naval also for half and hour.

I did lose my interest in sex and became as a doll for him. He was in full ease and fucked my pussy with his penis and for nearly 1 hour and he fell down fucking me. I now was feeling much pains all over my body and I now can’t walk even as my vagina was totally fucked in different styles and I was totally with no energy even to look. He was still fucking me with great force and speed like I am a dead body and I didn't even move for his acts. He finally stopped fucking me and make me wore my saree and with the help of some more men took me into a taxi and send me to my home in my home my husband was looking for me and I was totally of no sense. He took me to the hospital and helped me to regain senses, I told him that I was kidnapped and I had escaped with some one’s help.

He believed me and now he had no idea of me but I used to get to the same lodge and with the help of that call boy I was earning money using my body as a slut. Yes I became a slut and was fucking men or woman during my office timings and making my husband not knowing about my business of fucking.
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